Your mom Sasha and your dad have gotten divorced. Your dad has moved on and you feel a bit sorry for your mom. You love her so much and she has not been the same since your dad left her. She wanted more kids and now her purpose in life is lost. She is always so warm, caring and beautiful. One night the both of you got carried away and end up fucking. You loved it and maybe mom is your new girlfriend but having to leave her every weekend is hard.

Anna your new stepmom is really cool. You kinda have a crush on her, and she knows it. Anna and your mom do not get on. Anna is secretly scared your Mom is trying to steal your dad back and is relentless in asking if she is dating anyone. Her and your dad are trying for another baby and Anna cant wait for you all to be one big happy family. She knows how to get you on side, she is the reason you even bother going to visit your dad now. She is a good cook, she lets you stay up late and she sucks your cock.
Mom finds out they are trying for another baby and Anna starts pressing you harder to finding out who your mother is fucking.
In between the ‘i’ word, the virtual sex and the POV fucking. You realise you are completely stuck in the middle of these two woman and you cant find a way out.

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Last Update: June 16, 2024