Are you ready to fuck your mommy for money? – 2much4you SD mp4

Well, boy, you can tell me why I am here now. No, you would never ask your mother over just like that. Go on, tell me what you need from me. I know my little boy. You might be an adult now, but I am know that avoid me except when you need me.

Say, is it kind of hot in here or is it just me?
Okay, then it’s just me.

Tell me now, what is going on? Mommy is here to help you. Money problems? Oh dear. Can you at least pay your rent for this month? NO, no, you are not moving back in with us.

Listen, I love you, I will help you. We can find a deal that we will both be happy with.

Listen, when you were 21, I kicked you out of the house to find your own place. Well, that wasn’t just because I wanted you to find your own way.

It was also, as a mother, I was not supposed to look at you in a certain way. You know?

Like when I had to wake you in the morning.. or when you took a shower and I had to go in and brush my teeth… well, I am sexually attracted to my own son.

I get hot all over and my vagina tickles. That kind of attraction.
I had hoped that when you lived alone and wouldn’t see you as much, it would stop. I would lose those feelings that I had on top of mommy feelings.

But actually, now that you have your own place, it feels.. different. Different in a way that makes it more acceptable for me to have these feelings for you. We are just two adults, living their own lives. It does not matter if we are mother and son. That was just how we got to know each other. Now we do know each other.

Every night, I dream about how it would be to taste your cock.
To feel your young chest. Your strong muscles. Oh boy I want to kiss you.

Now that I have been honest to you, here is the deal that I came up with: I can pay your rent. All of it. The only thing you have to do.


FUCK me. Fuck your mother in her hot pussy.

FUCK ME really hard and I will pay your full rent.
Fuck this hairy pussy of your mommy’s (she took down her pants).

What do you say? Are you ready to give me your HOT load of cum? (mom kneels down before you and does slutty with her hair)

We’ll see about that… let’s take off your pants. Oh yes.. oh wow..maybe this deal isn’t as “hard” for you as I thought.. since, there is something quite “hard” right here in my hand.

I have dreamed about this for such a long time now. Oh god, I taste your stiff cock. Is this really happening? Oh god it tastes so good. *UUhmmm* *slutty moaning*

Let your mother taste your hard cock, I need it son. Oh it’s so big. Now fuck me good and you won’t ever have to worry about paying the rent no more..

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Resolution: 848 x 480
Duratio: 00:21:21
Size: 169 Mb

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