Aunt and Cousin are Freaks - OliveWood HD 720p

Aunt and Cousin are Freaks - OliveWood HD 720p 4

Your aunt and cousin have downsized since your aunt’s divorce and now rent a small apartment where the two of them share a bed. When you come to stay, your aunt insists that squeezing you in next to them will be no trouble at all and that the three of you will be comfortable side-by-side. As soon as bed time rolls around, things start to get a little odd. Your aunt asks your cousin for a passionate goodnight kiss before suggesting to her daughter that you deserve one as well. Your cousin leans in and kisses you deeply, and when you pull apart, you notice your aunt masturbating as she eggs you on to go further. She instructs her daughter to suck your cock and both of them taste your cum before Auntie bends over and moans as you slide inside her. Before you cum, you switch to your cousin, who eagerly lies back and squeals in ecstasy as you give her your cock. Your aunt hungrily watches the two of you as she fingers herself and all three of you finish together. Delighted with the creampie you’ve given her, your cousin proudly spreads apart her pussy and asks her mother if she’s likely to get pregnant from this. Your aunt answers that she might, and they both reassure you that whatever happens, everything will be okay. You’re one of them now and will always be welcome in their bed.

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Duratio: 00:22:28
Size: 195 Mb

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