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You are at your mom’s house when your aunt comes out of the bathroom getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

She tells you to watch the turkey since your mom isn’t home, and that she is going to the garage to recycle cans to help clean up a bit. You want to talk to her, as you haven’t talked to her alone since Halloween. It’s been awkward, but you want to change that. When you walk in, you catch her smoking weed, and she tells you not to say anything. She laughs and asks if you wanted any, and you did. She lights you a couple of puffs, kissing you and taking the smoke from your mouth into hers. She is shy, but she is stern about things not needing to happen. Thanksgiving dinner is about to start, as family is already starting to arrive, and she goes inside and tells you to do the same. When everyone starts showing up, you two make small talk, as she is also talking with another relative. She turns quickly, accidentally running into you spilling water all over herself. She is embarrased, asking you to help her clean up. She apologizes for getting you stoned, and she starts to clean herself up, peeing as you watch. She tells you not to, but you don’t listen. When she gets up, you desperately grab her, rubbing your hard cock against her ass. She moans quietly, as she doesnt want anyone to hear. She doesn’t need to do this again, but she wants it so badly. She takes you to relieve your boner, and she tells you to hurry. You fuck her, cumming deep in your aunt as she tries to stifle her moans. After, she says that nothing needs to happen while everyone is still here anymore. Tonight, they are sharing a bed for the first time since Halloween, and she wants to play with him again… Later that night, crawling into bed with your aunt, she slowly starts seducing you, sucking your cock and straddling you, taking her nephews hardon into her wet pussy… She rides you, and eventually you get on top, fucking her til you cum, cumming inside of your aunt’s fertile pussy… She says it’s okay if she gets pregnant, that she will know what to do… Just use your aunt for the night. She knows it’s wrong, but she doesn’t care… Do you?

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