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*TW: Taboo themes & intense language* * this video does contain the name Josh, said occasionally throughout the video * In the second part in this Mommy’s Slave series, mommy and you are hosting a dinner party for your extended family, when halfway through the night mommy calls you upstairs to “talk”.. Thats when she shows you the big strap on she’s had on under her dress all night, ready to fuck you with! She f*rces you on your knees to lube it up before shoving it in your tight ass, despite your cries! She milks the cum out of your cock TWICE, f*rcing you to say things like “I love it when mommy fucks my ass”.. mommy doesn’t stop until you’re covered in cum! Before she lets you get back to the party she unstraps the dildo and shoves it in your ass, f*rcing you to wear it all night long…

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