BBC Championship Season Stuck After Practice - Cory Chase, John Long - Taboo Heat FullHD 1080p

BBC Championship Season Stuck After Practice - Cory Chase, John Long - Taboo Heat FullHD 1080p 4

Helping Cory

Cory Chase is training John Long in the gym this morning, because he’s trying to grow some muscle. Cory needs John’s help with something, so she moves him into her bedroom. She tells him that there is something under the mattress that is hurting her while she tries to go to bed at night. John is eager to help the coach’s wife, so he sticks his arm under the bed. He doesn’t see anything under the mattress, but he does get his arm stuck under the bed. Cory pulls John’s shorts down, to try and make more room for him to get unstuck. It doesn’t work, so she pulls his boxer shorts off next. Cory starts to stroke his cock, noticing that it is easily getting hard. She starts to jerk his cock off with her hand, while he’s still stuck under the bed. ‘Does it feel good?’ she giggles as she asks him. ‘Maybe you’re stuck under the bed because you have so much cum built up inside of you!’ she exclaims. She starts to use her mouth and her hands on his BBC at the same time. She pulls her shirt off, revealing her big, enhanced tits. She strips out of the rest of her clothing, and then she climbs on top of his huge cock. She starts to ride his cock in the reverse cowgirl position, while he is still stuck with his face under the bed. She continues to bounce up and down on his BBC. A few minutes later, she flips over and she keeps riding his cock in the cowgirl position now. She then hops off of him and she is finally able to pull him out from under the bed.

Please Finish on My Face

Now that he is unstuck, the two of them move to the top of the bed and John continues to fuck Cory’s pussy in the missionary position. He starts to fuck her pussy and her ass, back and forth, in no particular order. She climbs on top of his cock next and she rides his cock in the cowgirl position. She rides him with her pussy, followed by her ass. She sucks his cock clean, before she climbs back on top of him and continues to ride his cock with her ass hole. He pulls his cock out of her ass and he watches her ass hole gape nice and wide. She moves into the doggystyle position and John fucks her pussy and ass some more. When he is ready to cum, he pulls his cock out of her ass, and he jerks his cock off all over her face and in her mouth! She swallows it all…

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