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My wife was exhausted from traveling, met and talked with Blair while I was preparing dinner, Sofi eventually went to bed early. I think she was overwhelmed by Blair’s beauty, I hope she didn’t see my gazes at Blair’s cleavage, the sexy way her cat-like eyes squint when she laughs, I know my wife well, she can be jealous even though I’ve never been unfaithful to her. Lexi and Blair got along splendidly, Lexi discovered Blair was a fan of Agent Zero, the latest manufactured pop-punk boy band that the girls are swooning over, and next weekend they’re going to see them live at the Music Hall downtown. I usually ask Lex to do extra chores if I have to pay for a frivolous concert, it’s a way to teach work ethic, but not this time. I didn’t make any objections when I saw how happy Blair was to make a friend.

Blair seems to be comfortable in our home, and that pleases me. I’m watching them talk, adding in a mundane comment when necessary but I can’t stop thinking about finding her sex toy, touching it. will she she put a piece of me inside of her tonight? What does she think about when she fucks that toy? Who does she dream about? Stop it..please, you’re married, she’s not for you. Dan, she is not for you.”

In her words:
I met Dan’s wife, Sofi! She’s a gorgeous, youthful woman, and she seems super sweet, but I don’t think she likes me. I got the feeling that she was eying me up, she kept looking at her husband, and he would be looking at me, as men tend to do, and she’d squint her eyes at me. I wish women knew that it’s not my fault that men like the way I look. There’s a part of me, a secret part of me, that finds amusement when women are jealous of me. I like to think of him saying his vows to her, and just a glimpse at my cleavage in my mini dress makes him think about breaking them. This is my secret though, and no one else has to know that I think these dirty little things.

Dan made us a beautiful dinner and Sofi excused herself from the table, “I’m tired,” she apologized to us and went to bed when the sun was still high in the sky. Lexi, his American daughter, was sitting at the table and so excited to talk to me. I really like her! We have so much in common. We tried to include Dan in the conversation, at times, but we were mainly interested in talking about Agent Zero, the hottest boy band, and their family pets. Dan was mostly interested in watching us talk, he seemed satisfied we got along well. We talked until the sun started to set and I went to my room. I heard pacing at my door.

I opened the door and Dan was at the other side. “Oh, hi Mr. Smith!” Dan apologized for touching my toy, he was embarrassed, and I wasn’t hearing all that he was saying. I could feel Dan’s eyes on me since he picked me up from the hotel. I knew he wanted me. I wanted him. I wanted to kiss him, why not? I’ll kiss him and see what happens. I kissed his lip mid-sentence, and oh- he kissed me back! I’ve never felt this turned on in my life.

My lips went from his lips, to his chin, down his chest, and I was pawing at his hard cock. *knock, knock*. Lexi was at the door! Dan panicked, was he going to go out the window, in the closet, under the bed?! “I need to hide,” he whispered to me. He slid behind the bed, and I welcomed Lexi into my bedroom.

Lexi had a serious question for me, she needed advice, and she said, “I’ve felt like I’ve known you for a long time, maybe you won’t mind if I share with you something personal?” My heart goes out to Lexi. She seems sheltered, I’ll bet her parents don’t let her get out much. I assured her that she could tell me anything, and the secret would be safe with me. I see Dan’s head start to pop up from under the bed, and I discretely shove him down when Lexi isn’t looking.

Lexi confessed that she has never had an orgasm with herself or with her new boyfriend. She looks at me with tear-filled eyes, “I feel like I’m not a complete woman, like I’m broken or something.” I tell her that she might need help from a toy, and I have a phenomenal toy that I can teach her how to use. I pull out my vibrating pink friend from behind my pillow. Lexi’s eyes light up with curiosity.

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