Blair’s Family Album – 4 Taboo Scenes FullHD 1080p c4s

Blair's Family Album - 4 Incest Scenes FullHD 1080p c4s

I Fucked My Sister and I Liked it

Chuck and Blair had an intimate encounter with each other recently. After discovering a Taboo Website that promoted something called “The Sister Experience”..they decided to give it a try..and have sexual intercourse with each other. It turned out to be an unbelievable Experience for both of them..but it was made quite clear, by Blair, that it was a one time thing…just to satisfy their morbid curiosity about the accuracy of the Website. Chuck, however..has been unable to forget The Sister Experience!!! Chuck has not been able to get his tryst with his Sister Blair out of his mind. Blair is all he can think about!!! After a few weeks of secretly pining for her..Chuck approaches Blair and confesses that he has strong feelings of Lust for her. Blair reminds him that their inappropriate interaction was just a one time thing..but Chuck begs her for another romp. Blair knows how wrong it was..but she also remembers how great it was…so after some intense begging..and stroking her through her panties…Blair agrees to let him have one last Poke at her..but she makes him pinky swear that if she lets him have sex with her this one last time.that he will go out and get a girlfriend..and never bother her about it again. Chuck agrees..and then proceeds to ravish his Hot younger Sister!! Chuck licks Blair’s cunt like it’s the greatest thing in the whole world…and after she sucks his cock..Chuck pile drives his Baby Sister into oblivion!!! Blair ends things by beating the cum out of her smitten older Brother’s cock with her hand. Chuck says “What Can I Say..I Fucked My Sister And I Liked It!!!!!!!”.

The Final Fuck

Blair and her Brother Brad have been secretly Fucking each other constantly..ever since they first discovered that website about “The Sister Experience”. They have had fun.but Blair is now convinced that they can’t continue the Taboo Affair. Brad, still horny for his sexy, baby Sister.and wants to keep fucking her! Chuck believes he has some strong evidence to Blackmail Blair into giving him one final Fuck!!! Chuck has found Blair’s Diary..and in it.he finds an entry about her denting Mom’s car when she took it to the Mall!!! Blair is furious that he snooped in her room and found her Diary..but since she knows she will be in big trouble if Chuck tells Mom and Dad..she reluctantly agrees to let her big Brother take one last poke at her!!! Chuck Fucks and Fucks and Fucks his little Sister.and then violently unloads all over her!!! Blair’s face and hair are soaked with semen!!!

The step-sister Experience

That’s a Brother doing that to his own Sister????!!!”..but as she reads further…she starts to lean forward…gaining interest…and Blair says “hmm..actually this is REALLY HOt!!!” The two exchange some awkward back and forth glances..and then they ask each other “are you thinking what I’m thinking..”. Blair claims that she will “try anything once..” so the Brother Sister team decide to fuck each other to see if the Sister Experience is real! They begin to kiss passionately, and Blair quickly begins to warm to the situation..claiming the nobody has ever kissed her like this before. Blair tears off her pants, and when her Brother Chuck starts licking her cunt.Blair’s eyes roll back in her head as she moans “you know EXACTLY what to’s uncanny!!…” After she has, what she claims to be the best orgasm she has ever had..Blair tells Chuck to take his pants off so she can suck his cock. Again.after a few moments of having his cock sucked by his Baby Sister..Chuck proclaims that she is the best he ever had.that she has an innate ability to do just what he wants!!! The two fuck each other’s brains Blair screams out at one point..”Pile Drive Me Chuck!!!!”. Chuck absolutely soaks his little Sister with a massive cumblast.and Blair says “NOBODY has ever cum on me like that!!!”. Turns out..”The Sister Experience” is VERY real!!!!

The Sperm Diet

WHEN BLAIRE GOES ON A FAD DIET CALLED THE “SPERM DIET”…. SHE RUNS OUT OF “SOURCES”…. SO SHE OFFERS HER BROTHER A CHANCE TO LICK HER CUNT, AND TAKE A POKE AT HER… IF HE PROMISES TO GIVE HER “DINNER”!!!! Diet crazes seem to come and go…..but this one is really taking young girls by storm!!! There is a new Diet that all the young girls are on, called the “Sperm Diet”. As it turns out….Sperm is very high in protein…and low in carbohydrates……and if you eat a Diet of Sperm exclusively for several weeks….you will lose weight…and feel great!!! A sort of “cleansing”. Blaire has been on the Sperm Diet for a week or so….and she is feeling great, and she has already lost 3 pounds. The problem with the Sperm diet is….trying to find sources!! Blaire sucked off her boyfriend so many times during the first few days of the Diet…that he is currently in the hospital suffering from dehydration. Desperate….she asks her older Brother Chuck if he would do her a “solid”….and give her some Sperm. Chuck is baffled by the odd request…..and is reluctant……but Blaire offers to let him lick her Cunt for a while first….and fuck her……if he’ll promise to give her the “nectar” she so desperately needs. Chuck gives in….and after Blaire face sits him….and lets him have a poke at her…..she gets what she wants…. a mouthful of fresh Sperm. “Thanks for my Dinner” Blaire declares as she swallows it all down. What kind of crazy Diet will they cum up with next

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:48:54
Size: 2147 Mb

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