Bound, Gagged, And Overwhelmed Mom - Rae Knight - Butt3rflyforu FullHD 1080p

Step-Dad is postponed from coming home on his business trip so I go to bed. I am in my room later that night napping and you sneak in my room as I am laying on my stomach napping with just a bra and thong on. You stay there checking out step-mommy’s entire body and suddenly I sense someone watching me! You strip me naked and put something over my mouth to knock me out! I wake up to me hogtied and ball gagged by you! I’m hogtied very tightly on my stomach trying to talk but you can’t understand anything since a ball gag is in my mouth! You keep me on my stomach looking at me and getting very excited and turned on my the sight of your step-mommy hogtied, ball gagged and my soles of my feet looking right at you! You then place me on my back, still ball gagged but legs spread wide open. You then get on top of me and start fucking your step-mother while hands are tied over my head very tightly and ball gagged. You penetrate step-mommy bareback and have your way with me until you cum deep inside me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am panicking and trying to get loose but I can’t. I am shocked what you just did to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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