Brianne Blu – Unleashed Vampire Blond – Transformation Fetish

It`s going to be a full moon and I`ve insisted that my boyfriend bind my arms, my legs, and lock me in the bedroom. The last time I transformed, I nearly scratched through the bedroom door! He wants to be safe from me when I turn into a beast, and I don`t want to harm him.I begin transform and the demonic beast within me holds back the transformation symptoms. I try to use my most human-like voice as possible as I call out to my boyfriend, Why not tie me up on the bed, where I can be warm and comfortable? My husband reminds me that I don`t ever remember how an1malist1c I can behave when I am transformed. I try to seduce him. I know why I must be tied up, although the beast needs to feed on an innocent soul.I use my feminine seduction, it was hot when you tied me up, I`m really turned on.. c`mon, you see that I`m fine. I`m not sick tonight baby, I lie. He reluctantly lets me loose, and I give him his favorite: my lips around his dick. I start suck his dick, wet, warm, and then I see his head fall back in pleasure, I allow the transformation to quicken. I start to sweat. My husband is focusing on the pleasure and doesn`t notice. I want his cum, I want to drain him. My fangs grow. Let go, I growl at him. He notices my change in voice. I am demonic, possessed by something within. He tries to pull away, but I climb on top of him, sliding him in and out of my hot pussy, tell me you want to pass.. I growl. I drink from him, his throbbing cock erupts inside of my pussy. He collapses.

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