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Its the night before your Mommy gets re married, you have never been a fan of her boyfriend, he’s just not good enough for her but you wont make a fuss and make it hard for her. You slowly wake up to the soft sound of your moms voice, its the middle of the night but she cant nap and needs to talk to you. She’s acting a little strange and needs to get this off her chest before the big day tomorrow. She’s hesitant but eventually comes out with it, she’s attracted to you her own son. There she’s said it. Do you feel the same way, has she been imagining the light flirting and longing looks build up over the years? No, because you feel the exact same way, you have the major hots for your mother. She’s relieved she hasn’t made an idiot of herself and this might be the last chance to explore your dark desires before she commits herself to this man tomorrow. She feels more relaxed now and admits she watches real Mommy and son Fucking Porn , she imagines its you and her while masturbating furiously. You know as you found her Taboo porn on her lap top and you have been cumming hard to it too imaging fucking your real biological Mom. Sex with her husband to be will be far too vanilla, its dirty raw naughty sex with her son that gets her off. Includes Mommy sucking your dick, you jerking off onto Mommys face and tits while she talks dirty to you, Mommy riding you begging you to impregnate her with your pure seed before her husband to be does on the wedding night. Will she go through with the wedding or will she submit to her true depraved desires with her only son xx

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