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Mommy knows you watch her through the crack in the door every night jerking your dick furiously while she masturbates, she has known for years and gets off on it as much as you do. She knows where your Taboo urges and desires come from, it runs deep through the family foundations. She has a dark depraved secret she has to reveal to you as she has lied to you, she didn’t get pregnant with you on a college night out and never saw the father again which is what you have believed for years. You actually see your father a lot but you don’t know it yet, because your biological father is also your Mommys father who you have been calling Granddad all these years! Fucked up or what. Tonight is the night she will reveal the Raw depraved truth about your family and she will take your Mommy Son relationship to a completely fucked up level. There’s no shame in having sex with members of your family in fact in this family its compulsory. You are at first of course shocked but and when she goes into details about her and her dads sick sex life and how it started you get turned on, its in your bl ood. You are their perfect treasured pure bred offspring born out of such passionate raw love that people don’t understand. You too darling are going to breed with your mother like her biological dad did, your own dad did and keep the pure genetics unmuddied and perfect generation after generation.
This was ordered as a custom, don’t buy if your easily offended or don’t love Extreme Taboo/breeding!

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