Brooke Woods – Naughty Bedtime With Sister FullHD mp4 1080p

Brooke Woods - Naughty Bedtime With Sister

Ok so my wife goes through my phone while I’m out swimming with my sister and her husband outside. She sees I left my phone open and on the camera mode and I’ve taken a few pics of my sister in her bikini including a few zoomed in on her tits and ass. So she’s obviously shocked and disgusted so she decides to go digging through some more of his photos and finds more sexy pics from her Instagram and facebook and stuff, thennn she finds a few really sexy ones where your holding your tits in your hands ones that he stole from your phone that were obviously meant for her husband! So she runs and calls my sister (you) to come inside and she talks to u and tells u everything. You are shocked and grossed out and can’t believe it, and confront me about it and scold me at first saying things like what the fuck is wrong with u I’m your fucking sister! How long has this been going on?! Even with my excuses about how sorry i am and how i never get laid anymore and it’s been like 6 months you’re still super pissed! But then slowly start to feel bad for him and tease him and eventually make him jerk off over those pics in front of u to start, saying all kinds of dirty taboo things like does your sister turn u on? How long have u felt this way about me? What part of me do u love best? Is it my big double D tits?! Or this sexy round ass?! They’re wayyyyy bigger and better than your wife’s. Eventually u get pretty turned on and u feel kind of bad and also love ur step brother in a weird fucked up kind of way. So u ask if he wants to see the real thing. Halfway through stripping while u have a handbra u have second thoughts because he is ur brother after all. But then u say fuck it let’s just do it once to get it out of your system. Revealing ur naked body is thee single greatest moment everrrrr to him so whatever that means to u I’m sure u know how best to work that. All while talking really dirty (u can say whatever perverted dirty things u like) and comparing your tits and ass and gorgeous face to my wife and how much hotter you are! Even asking if I went with someone like her because she looks kind of like your sister. U wonder if ur step brother is in love with u or something. So u ask him who has a nicer ass? Nicer tits? That’s where the beginning of u comparing everything u do from here on out to my wife..starting with asking him if his wife ever titty fucks me?! (Then u titty fuck) Does she ever suck your cock anymore? (Then u suck his dick) u can slap your face with the cock a few times too. Thennn u ask him if he’s so in love with u would he want to fuck his beautiful sister?! Again comparing everything u do and how much better u are. Then for the ending If u could do a cumshot on ur tits. Oh and all this happens while your husband and my wife are just outside. And my wife thinks ur having a serious chat with me about what she saw.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:22:06
Size: 829 Mb

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