Bro`s Big Problem – Joshua Lewis, Scarlett Sage FullHD 1080p

Bro`s Big Problem - Joshua Lewis, Scarlett Sage FullHD 1080p

Katie (Scarlett Sage) is in her blue gown getting ready to go to her school graduation ceremony, putting on lip gloss, then calling out to her stepbrother Johnny (Joshua Lewis), afraid they’ll be late for the big event. With no answer she searches for the boy, finding he’s hiding in the bathroom.

She finally coaxes him to open the door and let her in, Johnny reveals his secret: his cock is standing up pointing skyward in his underpants, looking like a tent pole. Katie finds his predicament a riot, her laughter only adding to his humiliation. Making matters worse, he’s class valedictorian, but ashamed to appear in public in this embarrassing condition. And when he confesses that the sustained boner was caused by his having taken some of her daddy’s potency pills, the situation sounds even worse.

“Can’t you just tuck that thing under your belt buckle, or take care of it or something?”, she suggests. After Johnny keeps complaining how he’s tried and tried to fix things, she finally asks: “What if I helped you?”. She starts out with some simple role-playing -pretending to be his girlfriend Ellie Peterson and showing her panties to get him off. Reluctantly, he sits on the toilet and starts stroking his cock under his gown, insisting that she not look at him, after all it isn’t right -she’s his stepsister!

That doesn’t seem to work, so she turns to show him her rear-end, still inside the panties, and she’s proud of her look, having been working out lately. Jonny shrugs -no go, Asking her to shut up for a minute, he requests that she play with herself, and Katie obliges, pulling her panties to one side, exposing her bald pussy, and then coming over to the sibling and giving him an impromptu lapdance.

Next, he unzips her dress, revealing her bra underneath, She enjoys posing a bit for him, and then returns to rubbing her ass against his stiff cock, both of them still clothed. She lowers her bra to reveal her tiny breasts, and both youngsters begin to get aroused, when she innocently suggests they go to the bedroom and lock the door, claiming: “I’m just going to give you a lapdance”.

On the bed, she rubs her satin panties up and down on his bare cock, and her true feelings emerge, as she criticizes their classmate Ellie, clearly jealous. Then her voice becomes sultry, as she strips completely and begins stroking his cock, using her panties placed around it to increase the sensation. “Good idea. I don’t know how you think of such things”, Johnny says, enjoying the feeling. “I’m not a valedictorian, but I know a thing or two”, she remarks. She agrees to spit on his cock, but draws the line when he timidly requests a blow job.

Just then they’re interrupted by a knock on the door -it’s his mom, wondering why it’s locked. “We’re just practicing his speech”, Katie lamely cries out. They promise to be downstairs in 15 to 30 minutes, and mom’s all right with that, but a sense of urgency has been introduced. “I’m going to have to suck your problem off”, Katie tells him. “You’re the best sister ever”, Johnny remarks. Watch the taboo scene escalate to its logical conclusion…

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Size: 1231 Mb

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