Brother takes Homecoming Virginity: Taboo: Mandy Flores HD (720p/ 6
Brother takes Homecoming Virginity: Taboo: Mandy Flores HD (720p/ 7

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Its your sister’s first homecoming and she’s really nervous. She makes her debut down the stairs and its for only you since her date has not due to arrive yet. She wants your opinion and you shower her with compliments. She’s blushing and feeling like a Princess. You think she looks more than amazing and you’re already trying to hide your hard on in your pants that you normally have for her. She admits to you that she’s planning on giving her virginity to her date tonight and wants your advice. You tell her that loser doesn’t deserve it and she shrugs off your opinion and says she’s serious. She has never fooled around and wants some tips. She’s just wants to get it over with. You start off by asking her what panties she’s wearing. She awkwardly shows you, giggling cute like she always does. You ask if she’s shaved. Yes Im shaved and she pulls down to show you. You touch her and she pulls back shocked at what you just did but she’s tingling from the sensation from your finger on her clit. She notices your cock through your pants. She asks if she can practice sucking your dick. You’re at a loss for words that what you’ve been dreaming about is actually going to happen. Then she lays back and tells you just fuck her. We’ve already gone this far. She tells you to go slow, its her first time. She winces a little, she scared but soon she begins to moan and cums for her first time. You dont want to cum in her so she jerks you off and you accidentally cum all over her face and tits. As she curiously tasting your cum for first time, there’s a knock at the door. Oh no! Stall him, I have to go clean up!…….Mandy Flores

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