Canadian Family Alyssa Reece – Step-Mom’s BJ Deal FullHD 1080p

It is early evening and hasn’t been home from work long. She’s been looking forward to sitting down and relaxing all day. Her s0n sits on the edge of her bed when she walks in and sits down in front of her computer. She is dressed in business casual. She checks her email before returning to a saved game of Farmville. It has been six months since she asked her s0n what he wanted for his upcoming birthday, and he replied “a blowjob.” Since that day he has asked her again and again if it might happen, to which she would always reply – “If you’re good.” The day had finally arrived, and both of them try to keep cool, even though they’re both VERY nervous.

“My feet are so sore. Can you believe I’ve been working at that place for so long? Longer than you’ve been alive…. too long if you ask me,” she says while looking at her computer and absent-mindedly kicking off her shoes.”So today’s the big day… did you still have your heart set on… you know… the BJ from the older woman in your life?” “Yea,” says s0n.
“Really? …do you think other boys imagine doing things like that with their own m0thers? I dunno. I can’t imagine any other boys asking their m0ms for sexual favours. Oh wait, Gary wants me to join his co-op.” She says, distracted by her video game.
“When do you wanna do this?” asks, distracted by her game. There is a long pause – s0n is too nervous to answer. “I’ve been waiting on you all night” he says. “Actually, hold on” she says and s0n sighs exasperated. He is sure she will give him an excuse, a reason she can’t go through with it. “Hold on,” she says again sweetly, still staring at her computer screen. Then she turns to face him, “How long’s this gonna take?” she says staring at her s0n seriously. He jumps up and runs out of the room. “Where are you going?!” she says. “Hold on!” he replies before returning to her room holding some brand new lingerie. “What is that?” she says with disappointment.”I… I want you to wear it,” says step-son. “Oh, I’m not wearin’ that!” she replies, obviously irritated.”I thought it’d look really good on you,” he says. “No!” she says. “Fine,” he says. She lays down the law – “Let’s get one thing straight… Listen! We are not making a habit of this.” “Are we gonna do this?” he says impatiently. “Yea, o-kay” she says turning back to her computer for a moment. “You better stop clicking!” he says as he takes out his cock from his shorts. “I can’t or I’ll lose this farm! Why can’t you do it on your bed?” she says before turning to him again and realizing his dick is out. Panicked, she says “Alright , let’s do it quickly,” and they stare at each other for a moment not knowing what to do. She gets up and moves towards him. “Sit down,” she says but he is already sitting on her bed. She gently takes hold of his penis and is mesmerized for a moment. Then she glances up at him before kissing the head of his dick, and slowly, taking just the head into her mouth…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:12:41
Size: 498 Mb

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