Clips4sale Superheroine – Night Force – Arrogant Superheroine Receives Torturous Payback

Night Force has a tip that one of Crimelord Gregio’s most loyal henchman is going to rob a medial office for espensive compounds. With her powes to sense any movement and and to create spheres of force the arrogant superheroine easily beats Romeo down. She is brutal in her questioning and Romeo refuses to break his faith to Grigio, so Night Force breaks all his bones instead


Romeo has escaped prison and word is he plans to finish the last job his boss Grigio sent him on. Night Force is ready, so she thinks. Somehow Romeo manages to sneak up behind her and get a rag over her mouth

Night Force wakes up to find she is hanging in some kind of cave or sub-basement and gets a bucket of water thrown in her face. Romeo is there with two camera weilding goons. She is told that she is going to be tortured and punished for the humilaiton and pain she caused Romeo who now goes by the name Stich. he taunts her with her Force Bracers, without them she can’t focus her powers in any useful way

After some fun groping and taunting NF Stich uses a prod to electro-torture NF all over her body and some of her most sensitive areas then Stich wants to get me “medival” and uses a heavy flogger to whip the helpless heroine. Still mocking and taunting her all the while. NF gets ragged again

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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:21:27
Size: 2.13 Gb

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