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In this video I am portraying a stripper (wig, slutty dress, money in cleavage) I walk in its late, I don’t expect anyone is up, and no one has any idea I have been sneaking out at night to work at this strip club to make money. There he is my daddy he’s up waiting for me, he knows something it up. I tell him Im sorry for sneaking out and I want to go to bed I’m tired. He asked me about the money in my chest, and tells me what is going on. I don’t really want to tell him honestly, but I confess I am a stripper, I love the idea of being all slutty and making money while doing it. Daddy likes, but he’s debating telling mommy. I quickly think what can I do to convince him to keep this quiet, only thing I can think of is service my daddy, I take my big breasts out and convince him ill make it worth his while to keep this a secret. Getting on my knees I suck his cock, I jump on the bed and bounce my big ass all over my daddy’s cock, before you know it he’s asking for some anal, I’ve never done it, but I love the idea of it, lets make me even more slutty, okay daddy fck my ass. I stick his dick in my ass and jiggle and bounce my big ass asking for his cum, knowing he’s close I jump off his dick and get my mouth ready for the load that literally sprays all over my face. I really enjoying daddy’s cock, I take off the wig and tell him I got clean up before mom wakes up. it’s our little secret. (Video includes wig, big tits, big ass, anal, dirty talk, taboo, daddy, stripper, bj, squirting dildo, green screen effects, bbw, thick dildo, toys

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