Conflict Resolution - Cassie Hazel PKF studios FullHD 1080p

Conflict Resolution - Cassie Hazel PKF studios FullHD 1080p 4

Billy peers through the lens of his video camera, sweat dripping down his forehead. “Come on, you little bitch, show me that tight little body!” he mutters, zooming in for a close-up as he pleases himself with his free hand. Suddenly he exclaims “Shit!” and ducks behind the curtains as he realizes he’s been spotted by his target. Moments later there’s a sharp knock on his front door.
Billy closes his robe and sets the camera down in the corner to record the living room as the angry knocking continues. As soon as he answers the door, Cassie shoves past him into the apartment, chest heaving, she confront him about his sick behavior then notices his erection is clearly visible. Cassie scoffs and slaps the pervert across the face. “Pretty girls aren’t just here for your gratification, you loser incel!” she berates him. Suddenly lunging out and grabbing Cassie by the throat.
Cassie’s demeanor instantly changes to terror as she tries to scramble away, but Billy drags her back and straddles her, pinning her wrists above her head. Cassie bucks and twists beneath him, panic flooding her senses as she is forcibly stripped of her jogging attire. “Stop,” Cassie sobs. “Please, just stop!” She tries to scramble up and dart for the door, but Billy catches her by the arm and backhands her across the face to drop her to her knees…

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