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Later that night Mom is sitting at the kitchen table again drinking wine and browsing her phone, when Conor walks in and sees his Mom sitting there. Conor does not know what to say but before he can speak his Mom says: “Conor, please sit down. We need to talk.” She then proceeds to explain why what they did earlier was wrong. As his mother is speaking, Conor is looking at his mother with pure lust. Before she can finish her speech he simply takes her by the hand and pulls her up and kisses her passionately. She tries to push him away but either can’t or doesn’t want to. With that Conor says: “What is wrong with what we know we both feel.” He then, leads her to the bedroom without closing the door. As she stands in the middle of the room, not certain of what he wanted, Conor removes his clothes and sits on the edge of her bed. He smiles as he notices her staring at him resting back on her bed. He looks her up and down and says, “You don’t look too bad yourself, Mom. Why don’t you strip for me and show me what you’re hiding?”

She knows that she had to do it. After he forced her to take his huge cock down her throat and swallow all of his hot cum, she knew that he could easily rip her clothes off if he chose to. But, also, she realized that she wanted to do it. She wanted to show her son her body. She wanted to be naked in front of him and get him hard again. She wanted to see his long cock completely hard. She pulls her t-shirt over her head and tosses it onto the floor. Conor whistles when he sees her perky boobs in her bra. She then unbuttons and unzips her shorts and pushes them down over her hips. She lets them fall to her ankles and kicks them to the side. She stands there in front of her son wearing only her bra and panties. Conor then says: “Mom, you have the body of a 20 year old.” Conor begins to massaging his big cock as he leers at her body saying, “Please keep going. Take everything off.” She the reaches behind and unfastens her bra. Conor’s eyes went wide when he saw her boobs released from her bra. He licks his lips and strokes his cock as he stares at her erect nipples standing out before him. At this moment she realizes that she needs to gain some control. She then hooks her thumbs in her panties and pulls them down over her hips. She says: “So you like what you see baby. Mommy is getting you excited. You are such a little fucking pervert”. She then lets her panties fall to her ankles and kicks them over with her shorts. Conor grins wide when he sees her tight, shaved pussy. He stares at her pussy for a moment and says, “Now, show me your ass.” She turns around and puts her back to him. She looks seductively over her shoulder to see his reaction. She says: “Bet you will like Mommy’s ass”. He looks over her ass and hips and tells her to turn back around.
“Damn, Mom. You’ve got it all. A big set of tits for squeezing and sucking, a nice tight ass for gripping and slapping, and a shaved, little pussy for licking and fucking. Dad obviously doesn’t know what he’s got. Come here and let me get a closer look at you.”

As she steps closer to the bed, Conor sits up and puts his hands on her hips and pulls her closer to him. Her tits are now right in front of his face. He reaches up and massages and squeezes her soft breasts with his big strong hands. She cannot help but groan with pleasure when he rubs and pinches her erect nipples.
Conor looks up at her and says, “Hey, mom. Remember the last time I did this?” Then, he pulls one of her nipples to his mouth and licks it hard. His other hand slides around her back to her ass. As he sucks her nipple into his mouth, he squeezes and grips her round ass cheeks. He closes his eyes as his other hand moves around to squeeze both of her ass cheeks. She wraps her arms around his neck and runs her fingers through his hair as his mouth devours her soft tit flesh.
He takes her nipple out of his mouth and looks up at her. “Now for the real test.” Conor smiles up at her as he moves one hand around to her crotch and rubs his fingers over her shaved mound. “Nice and smooth. I don’t even want to know why you shaved your pussy. I just like it.” She instantly sucks in air as she feels him slide one finger up and down her tight, wet slit. She groans loudly as she feels him push his finger into her little hole. “, Mom. You’ve got a tight little pussy. And it’s so wet. You must be itching for some sex.” She says: “Mommy needs to be fucked good. Is her little boy man enough to do it”.
Conor stands up and pulls his finger out of her slit. He turns her around and sits her on the edge of the bed. Pushing her back to lay on the bed, he says, “Well, I think first it’s only right that I show my gratitude to what gave birth to me.” He then knells beside the bed between her spread legs. Pushing her thighs farther apart, he leans in and licks his tongue up and down her lips.
As Conor’s mouth and tongue work over her clit, he sticks one finger back inside her tight wet slit and pumps it in and out. She pants and gasps as she feels her pussy begin to twitch. She trembles as she groans out, “Oh yes, baby. Mmmmm. God, this feels good. Oh please, don’t stop. Keep eating me. Keep eating mommy’s pussy.” After her orgasm subsides she lays on the bed panting and dazed with her eyes closed. She is collapsed and completely spread out on the bed, her spread legs hung over the side of the bed. She was as sexually fulfilled as she had ever been in her life. And it was her son who had done it for her.

Conor stands up and says, “I’m glad you liked that, Mom. But, look at what I’ve got.” She opens her eyes and sees him standing beside the bed between her legs. His cock was completely hard again and standing out to it’s full thickness and length. He bends over and puts his hands under her arms and pushes her further up into the middle of the bed. She watches as Conor climbs on top of her. She feels his big, hard cock against her thigh as his body lies between her spread legs. She runs her hands over his chest and shoulders, loving the feel of his hard flesh against her hands. Conor reaches down between them and aims his swollen cock head against her wet slit. As he is about to enter his Mom, she says: “Let’s see if this man-sized dick can make Mommy cum.”
She gasps out loud as she feels him push his thick cock head into her tight hole and says, “Yes, baby, fuck Mommy good”. Her eyes close and she moans loudly as her son slowly pushes his big, thick cock all the way into her hot, tight pussy. As Conor fucks his Mom she begins to take more control and loses herself to her lust. “Come on Conor fuck your mother harder”. As she says that she slides her hands down to his strong ass and pushes his cock deeper into her. Just then Conor says: “Damn Mom you’re fucking tight!” Which to Mom responses: “Mommy has never had a dick this big.” After fucking missionary for a few moments, Mom pushes her son off her aggressively and makes him lay on his back, where she then proceeds to mount him.
She finally takes his length and girth and starts the familiar bucking back and forth of her hips. She leans forward on her thin son to kiss him and gives him a perfect view of a mom sliding up and down on her son’s thick long rod.
Mom starts to pick up the pace as she gets use to her son’s girth and she lets out an intense moan. Conor matches his moms thrust from underneath as he sucks her hard nipples.
“Fuck me! I’m your mother! Fuck me with that big dick! Fuck your mother NOW!” Mom screams
Mom sits up as Conor goes to work slamming his mom from underneath. Conor’s youthful body is like a jackhammer pumping in and out of his mother’s creamy pussy.
“Oh baby I’m gonna CUM!” Mom screams.
As she releases a barrage of loud moans Mom collapses on her son’s thin body for a moment and says:
“I’m usually done after one orgasm but your big cock has got mommy hot and bothered wanting more. Plus mommy wants to make that big dick cum again.”
Mom unmounts Conor’s engorged cream covered cock and turns around and lays on him 69-style. Mom instructs her son to:
“Lube mommy’s ass up with your tongue baby.”
As Conor is licking her ass Mom is sucking and slurping on his huge penis.
She then orders Conor: “Now gently fuck Mom’s ass with your finger baby.”

Several minutes pass as Mom moans and groans once again intensify.

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