Cory's Super Heroine Adventures - Aaliyah Taylor, Cory Chase, Luke Longly - Wunder Woman and Super Gurl vs Junior FullHD (studio/32589/1080p/ 4

Added: 5/25/16

Scene One: Robins

Wunder Woman and Super Gurl rush to Robin’s house on an emergency call. But instead of finding Robin they only find her mask, two butt plugs, and a note. They must put the plugs inside themselves and masturbate if they ever want to see Robin again.

The two most powerful women in the world have no choice and no fear as they help each other push the cold metal into their tight asses.

Scene Two: What friends do

What’s happening to me? Super Gurl asks as a feeling of heat washes over her body. She can’t control herself and reaches for her pussy. Wunder Woman reaches out and gropes her friends breasts, the butt plugs poisoning their bodies.

They try to stop kissing each other, touching each other, rubbing themselves. Their wills are broken and they both cum. Orgasming, they freeze in place like dolls waiting for their owners return.

Scene Three:Lasso of fuck

Their new owner Junior commands them to be sex slaves and breaks them from their trance. Yes master They chant. They kiss at his command, their bodies and minds completely under his control.

Super Gurl pulls off Wunder Woman’s clothes and gets her ready to be fucked. Wunder Woman looks lustfully up at the edge of the bed and moans at the hard cock is thrusted inside her tight pussy. She licks Super Gurl’s pussy, and both super heroines are little more than slutty whores for their master.

Scene Four: Yes master Junior

The butt plugs have done their work and Junior takes Wunder Woman’s ass virginity. She screams in pleasure. They are so desperate for their master to cum, to make him happy. Oh yeah, impregnate me, I want to feel it inside my pussy Wunder Woman moans. He cums inside of her, filling her with his seed and making her cum and tighten on his cock. He freezes them like dolls to play with later as cum oozes out of Wunder Woman’s body. The perfect sex dolls.

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