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Wunder Woman Bound and Down
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Scene One: Captured Prey
Wonder Woman received a tip a new Super Villain was taking over the docks and stealing shipments of top secret nuclear material. She followed one of his Henchman back to the warehouse where all the stolen weapons are hiding.
This was all a trap, five steps into the back door lasers take out her top, bottoms and cape. Wunder Woman is now nude and almost helpless. Then a ray is blasted at her head and she now is under the control of the Super Villain. Two vibrators appear in her hands and she is forced to pleasure herself vaginally and anally…
After she has copious amounts of orgasms, gas is expelled from the ventilation. Wunder Woman is now out and helpless. In walks The Punisher to pick her up and carry her away to the next round…
Scene Two: Fully broken
She wakes dazed and confused about what’s happening as a whip cracks against her tender ass. “Why are you doing this to me” She pleads between cries of pain. Punisher takes his time breaking her, whipping her when she least expects it. Wonder Woman will not give up easily however, she’s endured through pain before and this time will be no different.
Except that this time it is different…Punisher shoves a ball gag between her teeth and gropes her big round breasts. She cries out trying to shake him off. She takes deep gasping breaths through the gag as the whip cracks continue. Punisher shows her the true face of evil. Taking off his pants he grabs her hips from behind and fucks her. Wunder Woman is unable to stop him from using her body anyway he pleases. He takes out the gag to hear her screams and moans as he shoots his load into her helpless pussy. Broken with disgusting cum running down her legs, Punisher turns on the gas and knocks her out again.
Scene Three: The new rebirth
Wunder Woman wakes up on a bed, tied with her own lasso of truth. She is completely at Punisher’s mercy. He puts a vibrator in her hand and tells her to use it on herself. She obeys her masters every command and rubs it on her clit as Punisher fucks her perfect pussy. “I don’t know how much more I can take” She pleads with him as he forces an orgasm from her tender body. “Please please” She begs for it all to be over. She doesn’t see Punisher’s henchman until he shoves his cock into her mouth.
They take turns fucking her tight little ass hole and forcing her to suck their cocks clean. She moans like a slave being taught a lesson as the men have their way with her perfect body. Wunder Woman rides one cock while the other is trusted into her ass. She feels like she’s going to break as the men DP her and split her open. “I’m going to cum in your mouth” Punisher yells at her and she opens up like a good slave to receive her reward. “You’re going to give me your filthy cum too?” She says to the henchman as fucks her pussy raw before cumming all over Wunder Woman’s bush. “I want more, I’m a Wunder Slut” She moans cum dripping off her broken body.

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