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Ciara has a Hot Date….and she is looking forward to an evening of steamy hot fucking……when things begin to go wrong for her!!! Problem one….Ciara’s bratty little, young Step-Daughter Cosima comes into the Living Room and introduces herself to Ciara’s Date. Problem two….Ciara must go upstairs to her computer to attend to some important emails. As soon as Ciara leaves the room….Cosima being the little “Prick Tease” that she is….immediately makes a move on Step-Mom’s Date!!! Cosima LOVES older men….and She especially likes to Jerk-Off older men!! This poor guy was no match for this seductress….as She has his pants down and off before he knows it….and, while sucking on a lollipop Cosima grabs his cock and goes to work. This guy can’t resist the young charms of Cosima and he cums all over the young Prick Teaser. The two quickly get dressed before Ciara returns. All of a sudden….Ciara’s hot night of sex is not gonna happen!! The guy (whose balls are now completely empty) makes up an excuse about having to be up early the next morning, and he leaves. Ciara turns to Her Step-Daughter, in search of an explanation as to why all of Her recent Dates have not worked out….when Ciara looks down and sees a pool of cum on Cosima’s thigh!!! Step-Mom may have connected the dots……..

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