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This is the complete 2 part full series “Tanning naked with my stepmom”, starring Crystal Clark & Joshua Lewis.
“My new stepmom Crystal is so hot. She was really excited for summer and always talking about hating tan lines so she tans naked. One morning I had forgotten my laptop at home and had to rush back before my college class started and I caught Crystal tanning naked outside!! I couldn’t help but want a closer look, so I crept outside and she opened her eyes startled to see me. She tried covering up, but I told her she didn’t have to in fact I would tan naked with her if it made her more comfortable. She agreed, and I got naked. Crystals eyes got so big when she saw my cock. I could see her salivating as my erection grew seeing her naked. Crystal couldn’t stop looking at my cock so I jokingly said she could suck it and holy F, SHE DID!! I couldn’t believe it my new stepmom was sucking my dick outside by the waterl! I don’t even think she’s sucked my dads dick out there. It was amazing, and I blasted my cum deep down her throat.

A week later I couldn’t stop thinking about that amazing blowjob from Crystal. She turned me on so much and I wanted to fuck her so bad. I had gone into my dads and stepmoms bedroom to let Crystal know my dad was staying an extra few days on his business trip, and I accidentally walked in on her getting dressed. She was completely naked and scolding me for not knocking, and telling me I shouldn’t be in there. I couldn’t help but get hard, and she noticed my cock again. Crystal couldn’t take her eyes off my cock, and since she was naked I could tell she was getting turned on by it. I asked Crystal when the last time she had sex was, and she said it had been awhile since she and my dad fucked. She was really horny and hoping he was coming home tonight so she could fuck finally. Crystal noticed my cock again, and I told her we could always fuck since my dad wasn’t gunna be home anytime soon. She scoffed at the idea, but it was obvious she wanted to. Finally Crystal said if I promised to not tell anyone, she’d let me fuck her because she’s been craving dick so bad!!
I quickly stripped my clothes off incase she changed her mind, and she got on her knees to suck my cock before getting onto the bed. I couldn’t believe it as I was sticking the tip of my cock in her tight wet pussy, wow Im actually going to fuck my new stepmom. I loved sliding my dick in and out of her pussy, watching her facial expressions and tits bounce with every thrust. I flipped her over and started to fuck her harder and deeper in doggy, until I couldn’t hold it anymore. Crystal got on her knees and took my cum all over her tongue and face. Holy F I just gave my stepmom a CUM FACIAL..It was amazing. Crystal started smiling, her smile shining thru my thick cum load and tells me this wont be the last time she wants me to fuck her, as long as my dad isn’t around!! I hope my dad never comes home!”

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