Cuckolding with Jax Slayher and London Lix – Best Friend Betrayal FullHD 1080p

Cuckolding with Jax Slayher and London Lix - Best Friend Betrayal FullHD 1080p

Added: 2/22/20

You watch as your wife unbuckles your best friend’s jeans & takes his giant cock in her mouth. You listen to her make noises you’ve never heard from her before. You watch her revel in your pain as she slides

down onto your best friend’s BBC & is taken; changed forever. You’re their cuck now. All you can do is watch as your beautiful wife is pounded in every position. Watch as she cums on his big dick. Listen as she

mocks you & as they laugh together. You hate yourself for being hard but you can’t help it. Your best friend cums in your wife’s pussy, and you know she’s no longer yours. She never will be again. There’s no going

back from this. This is your new life.

NOTE: This is an INCREDIBLY EXPLICIT clip. Whilst it is very artistically shot and there is a lot of face/expression/dialogue focus, you WILL see my complete uncensored nudity (pussy inside & out, lots of

asshole!) for at least half of this clip. I personally have no qualms about existing in the realm of femdom alongside fully owning my naked sexuality, but do not buy if you feel like this isn’t how you wish to

view me. I will be releasing 3 other versions of this clip: 1) A “Part 1 story + blowjob/topless” section that cuts before the sex, 2) A sex-only Part 2 second half section and 3) A censored version for those who

are pussy-free (do not expect this any time soon – likely April).

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:43:25
Size: 2561 Mb

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