Daddy`s Bad Girl V - Kate Dalia, Ryan Driller FullHD 1080p

Daddy`s Bad Girl V - Kate Dalia, Ryan Driller FullHD 1080p 2023 4

Strong and domineering stepdad, Ryan (Driller), examines the inside of daughter Kate (Dalia)’s mouth with his fingers. Kate came home from a party, and her stepmom wants to be certain she didn’t hide anything in her mouth before they took her purse away. She’s been grounded, especially to prevent her from driving her car after late night parties. These “early morning oral examinations” have become less of a surprise and more of a standard procedure. Sometimes Kate wonders if Ryan enjoys the feeling of her warm wet mouth, sliding his big daddy fingers across her pretty pink tongue. Sometimes Kate wonders if she enjoys it as well, although she holds the charade that the exams are burdensome.

Ryan is stern with his stepdaughter, warning her that if she doesn’t shape up, he’ll throw her out of the house. Begrudgingly, she complies, starting with cleaning her room, and daddy puts in a good word for her with her strict mom. In return, he receives a grateful hug and she utters those fateful words: “I’ll do anything you ask”.

She becomes increasingly solicitous to him, even volunteering to do household chores. She pops the question: can she borrow the car to go out to a movie with her friend Carla? He’s reluctant, but she volunteers for another oral exam, and as he removes his fingers from her mouth, Kate impulsively sucks on them. A shiver runs through Ryan’s body as he looks at her with surprise.

A big boner is prominently visible in Ryan’s slacks, and a bit embarrassed he excuses himself, but not before getting another hug. Kate’s firm young breasts pressed against his chest drive him wild. That night after midnight, he regrets allowing Kate to have her way, as she’s not returned home after the movie as promised. Later, she’s sneaking up the stairs to her bedroom when Ryan catches her. She reports having a car accident and her phone out of commission to contact him. Sympathetically he gives her a hug. “I just want to make you happy, daddy”, she says, and the hug cools down his frustration with his bad girl. He gives her a fatherly kiss on the top of her head.

After his prompting, she confesses: “I like when you tell me what to do”. She goes on: “Earlier I noticed you were getting hard down there”. “Some things men can’t control”, he admits. But he takes her up on her message, and orders her to sit on the bed. He orders her to open her mouth for another examination, but this time when he removes his fingers he gives her a big, sloppy kiss. “You were right. You did make daddy excited the other day -I like it when you do what you’re told. Get on your knees and show daddy how much you care”, he demands. Kate smiles and lowers her father’s slacks, putting his cock in her mouth. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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