Dad’s Promise : The Movie – Ellie Skyes HD 720p

Dad's Promise : The Movie - Ellie Skyes HD 720p

I’m finally 18 and am planning for college soon. However, I wasn’t expecting the plans my mom had instore for me.. Her plans of bringing my own father back into my life.. Why would dad start dating mom and coming back into my life now that I’m 18? It’s because now he and mom can be together and I’ll be out of the picture.. But it gets even richer.. My mom hands me a promise ring. A promise from dad that he will always be in my life and wants to build a father/daughter relationship with me. He even wants to help me with college. I wont buy it though. He left me so why would he want to be with me now? That’s when mom hits me with more rattling news.. Dad is going to come over to meet me tomorrow.. and he is moving in very soon.. The next day I meet my father for the first time. I’m not wearing his ring.. And I certainly plan on confronting him on his absence up until this point. When I confront him he is reassuring though.. He takes my hand and looks me straight in the eyes.. He understands and comforts me.. I don’t know what I’m feeling but, the emotions are too intense to bare so I head to my room. That’s when my mind starts racing. I can’t stop thinking about my father.. His eye’s… Before I know it I realized I had just touched myself.. to my own father. Now I have new racing thoughts of why he left in the first place? Especially since he seems so kind and thoughtful.. I had to know.. And mom finally tells me the truth.. She was the one who never told my father about me. He never knew about me until now.. She has kept dad from me this whole time.. Why would she keep me from such a wonderful and amazing man? I know why.. She wants dad for her self.. She wants me out of the picture so she wouldn’t have to compete with me.. I am infuriated with how selfish my own mom is.. I know what I’ll do.. I’ll have a relationship with dad. I’ll have a real close relationship with dad. We will have a VERY intimate daddy/daughter bond. So intimate that dad will only want to be with me without my mom in the picture.. After all dad gave me a ring to show is commitment to his daughter right? It’s dad’s own little promise to me. ***All actors and characters depicted are 18+***

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