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Prelude: My mom is different than any other mother you’ll meet. My friends have mothers that would have gone to their softball games, attend parent teacher conferences, and have a typical loving sort of relationship. My mother has always been cold, obsessed with youth serums sold at high end department stores, spa treatments, her yoga classes to keep her body tight, gossiping with her uppity girlfriends, and how much money she can drain from Dad for her little luxuries. She can’t be bothered to work, or lift a finger to clean, she casually orders, “clean the house, babes.” I’ll always do it or else my Dad will have to do it. The poor guy works so hard, he’s so busy, so I do it to save my Dad from another chore for her.

My Dad’s a decent guy, hard working strong, masculine man with a soft-toned voice, we’re a middle-class family living in Middle-America. He likes to tell people the story about how he met Mom, how he “can’t believe he convinced a famous model, Darcie Dolce, to marry him and move to Nebraska,” his eyes shine with pride as his arm is wrapped around the small of her waist, her response is the same, an uncomfortably laugh, her vacant eyes jet away from him, her mouth plastered with a vapid but beautiful smile, she then looks towards her worn designer heels contemplatively. I know exactly what she’s thinking. It’s well known that Mom hates this small town, she also thinks she can do better than Dad. She’s cheated on him with different wealthy men, most of them married, but the relationships always end fast and sour. Mom mopes around as my father follows in concern, “I’m fine,” she lies, “just feeling blue for no reason at all.” There’s no doubt she’s fucking other guys to audition them for the part of new new husband, she wants more money, prestige, she wants to “get out of this hell hole and go back to Los Angeles.” The truth comes out when she’s angry with Dad, “I want to be famous, around famous people!” She’s frequently disappointed with these men, after the initial allure of her beauty they see her reality, her simple mind, her insincerity, lack of drive, that annoying valley-girl cadence to her voice, no one can cope with my narcissistic mother but dad.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Why doesn’t he divorce her? The answer is that Dad is too far in love with her to believe she strays. He won’t even believe me, I’ve tried a few times to tell him she’s hard hearted, and I’m his own flesh and bl.o0d! “Watch what you say about your mother,” he will sternly tell me. “Whatever Dad,” I shrug my shoulders and walk away dissmissively. I love my Dad but it’s impossible for him to see through the facade. I know that karma is a bitch, what goes around comes around, I really believe she will get what’s coming to her.

This afternoon Mom tells me to get lost, “go hang out with your friends, babes.” I’m happy to get out of the house when Dad’s away on business. I saw she had her barbie bubblegum nail polish on to match her painted lips, her eyes darkened with whatever high end brand of coal she cakes on to make her look like a cheap magazine whore. She’s so proud of gracing the cover of trashy pinup magazines before she met Dad, when she gets done up like she used to ‘back in her heyday, and I know what she’s up to, and I bet I know WHO exactly she’s meeting.

She’s meeting up with that guy she’s exchanging texts with. It’s been months since she met him, since then I’ve noticed her being very sneaky with her cellphone, she stores it in between her massive tits when she’s courting a guy, the text message audibly vibrates and she’ll move to hide in the bathroom. I can hear her through the thin walls giggling and gasping like a school girl.

It’s dad’s high end client that she’s texting, I saw her eyes light up when she saw the handsome man at the Christmas party, he’s married too, they’ve been seeing each other since winter. I’m well aware of her routine and her taste in rich men. She humiliates my father and he doesn’t see her shameless flirtation right in front of his eyes. I drive aimlessly and seethe with disgust and revenge. My thoughts are poisoning me with hate and I’ll only be relieved if I give that bitch a piece of my mind. It’s time she confesses to me and to my dad. I’m not so little and easy to manipulate anymore.

Scene: I come inside and I see her hand stuck in the vent, her bracelet is caught on a screw. I’m thrown off my mission and I am filled with concern and confusion, I ask, “What happened?” She asks me, in her sweetest singsongy voice to get her out of the vent, her wrist is trapped and “it hurts” she whines. Her phone bings, a text message, I grab her phone thinking to call for help. “Put it down,” she orders. I obediently put it back on the table. “Grab the massage oil?” I know where it’s kept, one of my chores is to rub her feet with lavender-scented oil several times a month. I rub it down her arm, her wrist is stuck in the pipe, and she complains about being stuck there for hours.

I decide her oiled up wrist will slip out if I pull her body outward. I lay my body overtop of my Mom and I’m pulling, pulling, pulling her arm to get it out. “What are yooouuuu doooooiiinnng?!” She doesn’t like my method, but I’m confident it’ll work, “‘oh my gawwwdd,” she continues to wail and whine as I work. My little boy instinct to please my mother kicks in and I apply more oil, more effort, and more thrusting her body backwards, my crotch is in alignment with her perfect yoga ass and I get a hard on. Her eyes are wide in disbelief, “Whhhhattt?!” Mom’s ditzy voice almost makes my stiff dick go soft and I hear the phone text go off again. She looks worried. I grab the phone as she yells at me not to, I check the texts and see a man’s erection! I scroll through and see more and more explicit sext messages. Mom IS cheating on Dad with his own client!

I lift up her dress and spank her ass, the first slap is most severe and leaves behind my large handprint. “What are you dooooinnng, what are you doooinggg,” she squeals. What am I doing?! Wait, what am I doing? I second guess myself as my slaps get a little less harsh, then I remember, the day of karma has arrived. I can not let her manipulate me. I unzip my zipper as I feel my thick, long karma cock drop out of my boxers like a snake, it throbs and drips. I’m going to purify my bitch of a mother from the inside. Her eyes are wide with horror and intrigue, her mouth hangs open, she says, “whhhhaaaat?!” Part of me wants to shut her mouth by stuffing it with my monster cock, the other part of me wants to spread her pussy open raw, to make my vapid mother feel something, feel anything. I want to make her express real emotion. I want her to feel a mix of pain and pleasure from my thick, long cock, I want to punish her, I want her to satisfy me, I want to satisfy her, oh yes– I’ll fuck her until she loves me! My bulbous cock head glides into her little pussy easily, she’s lying if she says she’s not turned on. I hear her moan in pleasure, I feel her body trembling. Her eyes jet to the left and right, she’s watching the front and back door windows, she doesn’t want to be caught fucking her son! I don’t care if anyone sees, her pussy feels amazing, squeezing, it’s salivating all over my rod. I thrust and look at her luscious tits as they sway back and forth. Mom’s heart is black and cold but her pink is soft and warm and I’m going to pump it full of cum. (Watch the story unfold..)

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