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You and your girlfriend have been together for just about a year, things are starting to get more serious and you’ve decided to bring her home to meet your family. The only thing is, you’ve been keeping a secret from her. A secret that you simply do not know how to deal with. Your girlfriend looks eerily similar to your sister, but it’s not just that-they dress the same, do their hair and make up almost the same way, they even have the same style tattoos!! You didn’t do it on purpose or anything, that’s just what you’re attracted to. It’s not like that’s something you can help. You have made sure to avoid ever showing your girlfriend any photos of your sister that would make her aware, and vice versa. You have only shown your family pictures of your girlfriend where she has her hair back, is covered up, generally where you can’t fully see what she looks like. You know that after this stay at your parents house, everyone is going to know. You are just hoping and praying that no one mentions it and everyone pretends like nothing is weird about your new girlfriend.

So, the weekend is here and your girlfriend meets the family. It seems like everything is going well and you are doing an okay job acting like there’s nothing weird about this. Dinner goes great and you are pretty sure you’re in the clear. Maybe you were overthinkig it after all. But then, when you are alone with your girlfriend getting ready for bed, she starts grilling you. It’s clear she is simply not going to drop this. She confronts you telling you that if you are having sex with her, then the fact is that you are sexually attracted to your sister. There’s no if’s and’s or but’s about it. You are dating your sister’s doppelganger!! Lucky for you, your girlfriend is almost as perverted as you are. She starts teasing you and pretending she’s your sister. You try to get her to stop for fear of your family hearing you, but she’s relentless. You know she always gets her way when she gets this way. She insists on roleplaying as your sister, at least for tonight. She teases you and pleads with you for quite some time before she just reaches into your pants and starts stroking your cock… while she pretends she’s your sister. And dear god do they look so much alike.. it almost feels like you really are being touched by your sister. And oh lord do you like it. She crawls under the covers and starts to give you a blowjob. She absolutely worships your cock, painfully slowly at first. The pleasure is almost agonizing as she keeps her eyes devoted entirely to yours, fully locked in. You start to slip into a haze and for a moment you just aren’t quite sure if this is your sister or your girlfriend… She holds your gaze. You aren’t sure if you’ve ever held eye contact this intensely. God your sister’s mouth feels amazing. And then she climbs on top of you, straddling your face. She teasingly asks you how your sister tastes and all you can think is “like heaven” as you continue to pleasure her as best as you can while she grinds on your face and tongue. Next, she sits you on the edge of the bed and starts teasing your cock with her ass and pussy. You feel like you really are about to stick your cock inside of your sister for the very first time, you just hope to god no one in the house can hear what the two of you are saying. ESPECIALLY your sister, her room is right next door. After a while she climbs on top of you, determined to cum on her brother’s cock for the very first time. She insists you maintain eye contact with her as she orgasms, she wants to test you. She wants to test how attracted you really are to your sister. If you’re able to resist, then you can cum on your sister’s pretty face… but as she gets closer and closer to climax, so do you. You can feel her legs shaking around your body, her voice starts to tremble, you’ve never seen your girlfriend have such intense reactions during sex. Now you’re even more confused as to who this is, and as she starts to cum, you can’t hold back. You release yourself and cum for your sister, deep inside of her, as she moans and screams for her brother. It’s ecstasy. You have always wanted your sister, more than anyone else. You can’t believe how good she felt. And just as the two of you are coming down from the throes of your taboo entanglement, you realize someone is standing at the open bedroom door… Fuck.
**Okay here’s the details (spoiler warning) you may want to know before purchasing: There’s a combo of full body view penetration and virtual sex, the last position is girl on top/no visible dildo. The build up takes about 20 minutes and the rest is the sex scene. At the end, we do get caught and this exchange only lasts a few moments.
Enjoy a little guilt-free taboo story telling straight from my brain into yours!

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