Daughter invites you to a breeding party - Jolie Lyon FullHD 1080p

Watch “daughter’s lust for dad confession” first! It’s a free video in my store and the prequel to this video. Your daughter has invited you to a party together with her friends. You are aware it’s a bit special, you and all the other dads who are there. Your daughters serve you plenty to of beverages, you eat good food and enjoy casual discussions. During the night, they get more flirtatious as you all get tipsier. Then the game is announced. You all draw a lot on which girl you should breed for the night. All the daughters has a numbered room and when you walk to your room, you find it’s your own daughter. They have clearly stated in the rules this could happen, and since you’re tipsy and horny after all the flirting, not even this could stop you. She gives you a sensual blowjob and talks to you about her desire for you as you fuck her and cum inside of her womb. In the end she reveals that it was all planned, every daughter fucked their dad to get impregnated by them. Your daughter strokes her pregnant belly as she wonders if you shouldn’t leave mom and have an entirely new family together with her.

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