Do You Want to Come on Mummys Big Boobies

Hi, my little darling. Since you’re here. would you like to help Mummy with something? Can you help Mummy for sunbathing? I just need you to help rub some nice oil onto my boobies. Can you do that? Right here. Here, squirt some oil onto your hands. Oh, not too much!! Then, just rub, rub, rub. YES! Mummy’s boobies ARE so bouncy! hee hee hee You’re so sweet. You love Mummy’s boobies, don’t you. You’re such a good boy. And so helpful! Yes, keep rubbing. I need to get the oil ALL OVER my bouncy boobies. That’s it. And. Oh, does my beautiful boy have a little boner?? Oh, that’s sweet. Do you need to go. Oh, you want to come ON Mummy’s boobies?? Oh, okay. Yes, I can make them extra bouncy for you. That’s a good boy!

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Last Update: May 18, 2021