Do You Want To Stop? - Pristine Edge, Ricky Spanish FullHD 1080p

Do You Want To Stop? - Pristine Edge, Ricky Spanish FullHD 1080p 4

Stepmom (Pristine Edge) arrives home, only to find the kitchen a mess, no one’s cleaned up their dirty dishes. She reprimands her stepson (Ricky Spanish), who apologizes, and they alternate compliments to each other, verging on outright flirting.

Ricky wishes that his dad would put her first among his priorities, and Pristine gives him a big hug in solidarity. Oops! Ricky’s mighty embarrassed as his stiff boner becomes evident during their embrace. He’s presented with the dilemma: how to hide it before he has to go to class. Mom gallantly offers to help, and Ricky jumps at the opportunity, declaring: “You can if you want”. Taking charge, she says: “Follow me”, and takes Ricky’s hand, leading him from the kitchen to her bedroom.

She calmly begins undressing, saying with a smile: “Cold feet?”. “Your feet are cold?”, Ricky responds innocently, but she says: “No, I’m talking about you, us”. “Not unless you want to stop”, he responds nervously. Mom counters: “Do you want to stop?”. “No, it’s just I don’t know what’s come over you”, Ricky says. Mom continues: “Sometimes I feel like I see my former self in you. A sweet little kid who just needs some love. You really see me, don’t you? Not a lot of people, let alone men, have that skill. I know I’m not an unattractive woman. Oftentimes I feel like many people only see the surface me, your father included”.

Pristine impulsively kisses him, and after she sucks on Ricky’s finger the unlikely couple is off to the races. Watch this taboo scene unfold…

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