Don’t Tell Daddy – Enchantress Sahrye 1080p FullHD

Don't Tell Daddy - Enchantress Sahrye 1080p FullHD

She is oblivious to his lust and simply believes that they have an innocent mom/son relationship. Mommy greets him as he’s arriving home Besides, he’s not required to provide his model’s name. Mom then claims that she is simply too old and unattractive to model. Junior quickly shoots down those objections by praising her for he impeccable style, natural beauty, and rigorous exercise regimen. Though softening, Mommy simply doesn’t think it would be right. Junior responds by appearing defeated, convinced that he’s destined to fail the class and flunk out of school. Perhaps it’s the wine, Junior’s compliments, sympathy for Junior’s alleged plight, gullibility, or a combination of them all, but Mommy finally relents and agrees to model for Junior’s project. However, she makes him promise that neither Dad nor anyone else will ever know about it. Junior, of course, agrees. There is no better time then the present, and fortunately, Junior brought his camera with him. Since Mommy has no idea how to pose, she asks Junior for explicit instructions. He guides her through a series of poses. He starts out focusing mainly on her legs and gets more suggestive and provocative from there. Though she is a bit apprehensive at first, Junior convinces Mommy to remove some clothes piece by piece with some up-skirt, butt, and cleavage poses along the way. As they proceed, Mommy begins to really enjoy herself, and her inhibitions slowly begin to melt away. As Mommy is looking over her shoulder while bending over to show off her spectacular ass for a photo, Mommy can’t help but notice the giant bulge in Junior’s pants. Though somewhat shocked at first, she can’t help but feel intrigued and proud that she is the cause. She is compelled to ask Junior to show it to her. It’s the largest cock she has ever seen, and she is in awe of its size, girth, and hardness. Furthermore, she can’t help but compare it to Dad’s tiny, flaccid penis. She asks Junior if it was Mommy who made him hard. Upon confirmation, she instructs Junior to stroke his giant cock and sensually teases him with her ass until he has a massive orgasm. (The word “mommy” and similar phrases would be used often to underscore the taboo nature of the climax with phrases like “Did Mommy’s round, juicy ass make you hard?”, “Stroke that big cock for Mommy?”,”Cum for Mommy’s phat ass.” After Junior’s orgasm, Mommy calmly covers herself up and tries to regain her composure. She can’t believe how far things have gone, and she doesn’t quite know how to handle it. She just knows that it’s best that Junior go to his room for the night.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:33:39
Size: 1290 Mb

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