Dreaming of Mommy - Aimee Waves aka AimeeWavesXXX FullHD 1080p

It’s just a regular day at home with your loving mommy, or is it? Something seems different about her today. Or has she always been like this? From the moment she’s having coffee in the morning, she seems to be exposing herself to you, but acts completely unaware of it. Does she realize she’s doing it, you wonder. You can’t remember if she’s always done this, and maybe you’re now just finally noticing it? But she’s still her loving self, just like you know her to be. You go to bed, thinking about it, and the impure thoughts about your mother take over your head. You dream about her. She’s different in your dream. She’s..downright filthy. She says things you’ve never heard her say before. She says words you’ve never heard her say before. Filthy, filthy words. She wants you. She’s always wanted you. Her boy, her own biological son. She wants you in the most intimate ways. And you like it. You like this dream, but is it really a dream? You’ve never had a dream be this vivid before..

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