Dude, I Can See Up Your Stepmom's Skirt! - Apollo, Max Fills, Pristine Edge FullHD 1080p

Max Fills arrives at his friend Apollo Banks’s house and runs into Pristine Edge, who is Apollo’s stepmom. Pristine is on a stepladder, setting up the living room for an upcoming party as she warmly greets Max. As Max sits down nearby and makes smalltalk with Pristine, he notices that she isn’t wearing any underwear, which shocks but entices him…

When Apollo enters, Max takes him aside and tells him that Pristine isn’t wearing panties! Although Max is taken aback at first, even HE can’t help but be enticed. The boys then conspire to ‘help’ Pristine set up the party so that they can sneak peeks up her skirt…

Pristine is thrilled that the boys seem to want to help her, not suspecting their true intentions. The boys help Pristine with various tasks while secretly finding ways to hungrily look up her skirt. In an attempt to get a more prolonged view of Pristine’s pussy, the boys offer to give her a foot rub together. However, Pristine soon catches them staring up her skirt and realizes that she isn’t wearing underwear.

Instead of being angry at the boys for sneaking peeks up her skirt, Pristine is surprisingly flattered and aroused, which leads to a cheeky threesome!

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