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I ask you to help me dry the dishes. As you help you bring up how Mother’s Day is tomorrow. I’m flattered you remember and tell you all I want is a special day with you. I then ask if you could mow the lawn and suggest you remove your shirt for it because it’s quite hot outside. As I watch you mow the lawn I become so aroused that I begin to touch myself. I cum and simulate squirt on the floor and in my panties. When I go to clean up the squirt juice you enter in from mowing the lawn asking for a glass of water. Once I bring your water I see you about to clean up my naughty mess on the floor. I lie and say I spilled while watering the flowers. I tell you that I can clean it up. You insist that you can do it. While your down by my feet you look up and notice water drops all down my legs. I then tell you that I can’t wait for Mother’s day tomorrow. The next day we are settling in after sharing an amazing day together. I don’t want the day to end and beg for you to stay in my room tonight. I let you pick a movie to watch and as we watch the movie, one if my nipples slips out and I move in closer to cuddle you. We first kiss playfully but then it turns to making out. I notice your erection and then demand you let me ride you. I shove my panties full of juice in your mouth as I tell you that watching you mow yesterday made me cum hard. I had been wearing my cum panties from yesterday all day today. I ride your cock until I cum and then you fuck me missionary with no condom. I moan in pleasure until I countdown for you to cum inside of me. Once you creampie me I ask you not to pull out and to stay. I invite you to fall onto me as you keep your cock inside of me. I never want this Mother’s Day to end.

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