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Hey, why are you freaking out?

Sis… this is a bad idea, we can’t do this

Come on it’s not a big deal!

But I think Jacob and his friends are home, they might hear us!

You know they won’t, they’re busy anyway.

What about mom and dad? Wouldn’t they be pissed if they see us together like this?

They won’t find out, they aren’t even home right now! C’mon bro.. I know you look at me when I get out of the shower… and there were a few times when we stopped this from happening.. please?

No it’s not right, we shouldn’t do this..

Just let me touch you a little bit, I can’t stop thinking about you..

Are you serious?

Yes! Don’t you want to know what I feel like? I think you’re ready for me..

Why do you have to be so sexy sis?

Why are you so scared bro? Just give in, I know you want it.. I want to feel you in my mouth

Omg… I want to fuck you so bad.. Is that what you want?

Yes I want you inside of me!!

Fine…. But no one can know about this….

After months of teasing, my sis finally got me to give in and penetrate her tight young body! Watch as my senses are overloaded by feeling how wet and tight she is. As soon as I slid in her for the 1st time, I could feel my balls instantly swell up full of cum! So it was no surprise how fast and hard she made me explode my sticky load all over her, I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. This definitely won’t be the last time I fuck my sis…

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