Family Therapy – Mercy – Comforting My Sister HD (studio/81593/720p/

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The Private Dance

Why are you dressed like that? I’m just asking you a question, relax… Hot date? Are you going to a club? I don’t think I believe you… You’ve been going out almost every night the past week. I’m just curious that’s all… What if I woke up Mom and told her you’re going out? Okay, I won’t, sorry… Don’t get mad at me, I’m your brother, you can tell me….

Better Than Him

Why are you in my room? Leave… I don’t want to talk to you about my boyfriend. It’s none of your business… He’s at work. Listen, that was one time, and I wasn’t exactly in a clear state of mind… Yes, I’m horny, that doesn’t matter… Why can’t you just find a girlfriend and leave me alone?

I’m Still Your Big Sister

Hey… That’s cool Mom’s gone for a little while… Nothings wrong. I just… Maybe we should be little more careful… Of course I like it. I just think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a little break… No, I don’t mean it like that… I know you’re still my big sister… This has all just happened really fast, I mean we can’t keep doing this forever….

***Starring Mercy***

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