FamilyManipulation Amara Romani - Daughter Needs a Snuggle Buddy FullHD mp4 (studio/110082/1080p/ 6

Caught Throwing a Party, Now Forced to Be a Slut for Dad

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Young 18 yr olds these days need to be taught how to behave properly…and my 18 yr old daughter is no different! While mom and I were out of town for the weekend, she decided it would be a
smart idea to throw a big party, drink and have boys over the house.

I happened to come home early, and caught her before she had time to clean the house properly. I also found a used condom that some boy nutted in after using my daughter as a fuck toy…

FamilyManipulation Amara Romani - Daughter Needs a Snuggle Buddy FullHD mp4 (studio/110082/1080p/ 7

This angers me because not only did she break our rules, but now I am left to clean up after her mess…and I wasn’t even the one who got to have any of the fun! Well that’s about to

Daddy’s about to have some fun! Let’s see how much of a slut my daughter can really be. Watch as I force my daughter to talk and act like a little slut, as I make her suck, stroke and open
her legs wide to let daddy slide my cock deep inside of her fat cunt.

Listen as she asks daddy if “he likes the way his little daughter’s throat feels”? After that you can see that she starts to enjoy it, when she starts to lick daddy’s asshole before
allowing him to penetrate her.

…and unlike the boy the night before, daddy didn’t use a condom!

***Starring Amara Romani***

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