Fiona Dagger

You’ve gone to stay with your aunt for a couple of weeks, and you’re getting the sense that things are going to be very different from when you’re at home! You’ve always known your aunt was much more relaxed than her sister, your mother, but you’re beginning to realise just how far that goes! As your aunt is welcoming you to her home and helping you settle in, you find it very distracting how she’s just wearing a loosely fastened silk robe which seems constantly on the verge of falling open and exposing something! Your aunt fusses over you and tells you that she wants to make you feel as at home as possible while you’re staying with her, and confesses to you that she knows she has some unsual and rather bohemian habits, but that she hopes you’ll embrace her style of living. She tells you how she prefers to be comfortable in the house and so only wears silk robes or other lounge wear, and she insists that you take your uncomfortable jeans off so you can stretch out more! You shyly take off your jeans and struggle to stop yourself staring as your aunt’s robe falls open even further. She notices you blushing and staring, and tells you not to be embarrassed! She pulls open her robe so one breast is exposed, encouraging you to look at it and insisting that you shouldn’t feel awkward at all. She tells you how much she disapproves of your mother’s strict style of raising you, with all the rules about no sex or masturbation. Your aunt tells you that if she were your mother she’d be raising you very differently indeed! She suggests that you treat your stay with her as a vacation from your mother’s strict rules, and pulls her robe open even further so you can see her naked body exposed. She’s pleased to see that you’re growing hard, and insists that you drop your boxers and show her your erection! She begins admiring and complimenting it, telling you what a handsome young man you’ve turned out to be, and insisting on helping you relax. She starts slowly sucking your cock, teasing you lovingly with her tongue and showing off her expertise. She asks if anyone has ever done this for you before, and you confess that it’s your first time! Your aunt is amazed; she knew your mother was strict but she was expecting that you’d still managed to sneak off and see girls sometimes, but you sadly tell her that no, you’re still a virgin! Your aunt tells you that at your age that just won’t do at all, but not to worry, she’s here to help! She lays back and guides you gently inside of her, asking you how it feels and telling you that you’re a real man now! You slowly begin fucking her as she encourages you, telling you how good looking you are and how you’re going to be so popular with the ladies, once she’s got you up to speed and taught you about all the things you’ve been missing out on! Soon you can’t hold it back any longer, but your aunt gently encourages you to relax and cum inside her, saying that you’ve done amazing for your first time, and that you have a whole 2 weeks to get lots more practice with her!

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