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Starring Adreena Winters
You are at a work convention, just you and your secretary. You’ve had a busy day and, despite it being late, there is still more work to complete. You visit your secretary’s hotel suite to finish off some work ahead of tomorrow’s big presentation, but she has other plans for you tonight.

Adreena noticed those times when your eyes lingered for too long on her ample cleavage, before finding her face. She has witnessed your breathing become more shallow whenever she leans in, brushing against you, as she helps you with your paper work. She has lost count of the number of times you have been unable to stand to leave a team meeting, because the sight of her short skirt and stocking clad legs has given you a surprise erection.

Let’s face it, your secretary Adreena is far hotter than your wife. The fact is not lost on Adreena. She knows that she is younger, fitter, and sexier than your frumpy old wife, and she plans on using this to her advantage. Adreena will tease you, flaunting her perfect body in front of you, as she mocks your wife, picking out all of her flaws and reminding you of them. Adreena is going to wreck your marriage in the most sensual and devilishly manipulative way possible.

It’s hard to feel that you are doing anything wrong when Adreena speaks so softly, touches you so sensually, and caresses you with such compassion. You might be forgiven for not hearing the vile things she is saying about your wife as you lose yourself in her curves, succumbing to her charms and forgetting your wedding vows. Adreena acts like the perfect girlfriend, the lover you have always craved. It is like she knows you better than you know yourself, finding ways to mesmerise you until you are helpless. Lost in the passion of the encounter, you find yourself making love to your secretary as she trash talks your wife. You are about to explode when Adreena commands you to stop. She passes you your phone. “Before you can climax, you need to call your wife and tell her you are leaving her for me.” You pick up the handset and begin to dial.

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