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Hot Wife Surpises Husband with a Living Fuck Doll

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Hot wife and big breasted Scottish MILF, Ashley Rider, has a treat in store for you. She starts the session off with a little quality time with you, her man. Knelt down between your legs, Ashley pops her large breasts out of her blouse and fondles them, squeezing the nipples hard before turning her attention to your cock. Ashley has a unique oral technique. In order to get deep on your cock, Ashley slides her lips around your shaft before wiggling her head side-to-side. As she wiggles, she pushes herself down deeper on your cock, until you can feel yourself in her throat. Ashley’s oral skills are out of this world. With a wife this hot and talented, any husband would be counting his blessings already, but when Ashley tells you that she has a special surprise, something she ordered off of the internet, you cannot believe your luck when she pulls out the radio controller and introduces you to Liz Rainbow, a pristine living fuck doll. Ashley activates Liz, using a mixture of voice commands and the RC pad to get Liz to wave and say hello.

Liz looks incredible in her little black hold-ups, her garter belt, high heals, and purple lace panties. Liz’s top is super sexy. A series of straps criss-cross over her chest to form a star, leaving her lovely, perky tits and puffy nipples exposed. Ashley has Liz parade in front of you, bending over to showcase her tight round ass. Within minutes, your wife has commanded her robot to kneel down between your legs and to start pleasuring your dick. “Do you like your sex robot?” Ashley asks. You nod in agreement. Ashley purrs with delight before issuing her next command, “More slutty!” Sure enough, your living fuck doll responds immediately. Her expert mouth works at double speed, swallowing you whole. Your robot produces lots of saliva, drooling over your shaft and making spit bubbles as she gags on your cock. “Deeper!” commands your hot wife. Liz obeys, opening her mouth wide and pushing until your dick disappears deep down her throat. Your robot has the ability to hold you in her throat for quite some time. Her eyes appear to water and she starts to gargle and gag. “Bring me that spit.” Beckons Ashley, dutifully, Liz moves over to your wife and spits in her mouth. You could easily cum from Liz’s deepthroat. Between Ashley and Liz, you are one spoilt man. You are on the brink of climax, but your wife has an idea. “Robot, straddle him and make him cum. It’s okay darling, you can cum inside her. After all, you can’t get a robot pregnant.” Liz climbs on top of you and begins riding you at speed. Her mouth was a delight, and her pussy does not disappoint. These robots have the warmest, most velvety, pussies. So tight and so wonderfully designed that they can bring a man to orgasm in no time at all

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