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You are faced with a dilemma, now that your mom and dad’s divorce is final, you need to chose whether you live with your mom, or move in with your dad and your stepmom.
Naturally, your mom, Holly, wants you to stay with her, but Axa, your stepmom, knows she would be in your dad’s good books if you decided to move in with them. With both women desperate for you to choose them, the ball is really in your court. Who will you choose? How will you decide?
Surely, the only way to make a decision is by evaluating the best qualities of each mom – a competition. Which of these ladies will make your stay with them the most rewarding? Your mom and stepmom agree, they will duel it out to determine which of them is best, which of them wins you.
The two are naturally quite competitive, so they jump at the chance to flaunt what they have to offer. Axa, your raunchy stepmom, has no problems telling you that she is happy to greet you in saucy outfits, flaunting her young figure for your pleasure. Holly, your mom, is a little put to by this, but not one to give in so easily, she reluctantly decides to make a counter offer. The two are head to head competing for you. So, you do what any good son would do, you put them to the test and convince them that they take turns showing off their assets. Who can perform the best striptease? Who has the best breast? Who has the best pussy? The best ass? The best oral? The best sex?
After both your mom and stepmom have worked their hardest to score a win in each category, they are even and you still cannot decide. Well, there is only one way to settle this, which ever of the ladies can make you cum, that is who you will live with. Like thirsty, cock hungry savages, Holly and Axa devour your dick, swelling all of you as deep as they can in the hopes that you will explode for them.
It doesn’t take long for a winner to be determined, but who will it be? Mom or stepmom?

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