Freeze Christmas Surprise For a Good Boy

Freeze Christmas Surprise For a Good Boy - Angel The Dreamgirl FullHD mp4 4

Today, when you come home from your work, your sofa and TV will be waiting for you. You drink a glass of whiskey or a bottle of beer would relax after a day’s work. Perhaps you will watch adult films, and afterwards smoke cigarette. No, today is a special day! You were a good boy. So you deserve a Christmas present! In your living room you will find a gift you will not guess about. You will be surprised! On your couch a girl sits, she does not move or blink, what’s with her? Who is she? Where did she come from? After all, when you went to work, you brewed coffee, you checked your mail, her was not in the living room. You notice strange round buttons on her body, you click on it and the girl starts talking. Now everything has become clear to you. She is a living doll, a living mannequin and this doll is yours and you can do whatever you want.

Why for me is this, what I did so good in this year, I was a good boy? I worked hardly, I did not deceive anyone, you will think. Then it’s fair, good boys should get good present. You check the doll and press all her buttons. It’s amazing, you’ve never received such gifts before. You test by touching her tits, it really is like real. You open her mouth, you manipulate her limbs and her body. You become interested in what under her dress and you decide to strip her. She’s perfect! You inspect her and enjoy, you touch her sexy body, and then open her mouth and insert your already working hard cock. Her mouth is soft and moist, it’s actually so real! You can not believe your eyes, but your feelings do not fail you and that means it’s not a dream! You are the owner of a living doll, a living mannequin! This is the best gift for Christmas ever! You decide not to postpone for tomorrow and play with your doll now!

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