Girls Gone Hypnotized – Lured Away – Away Full HD mp4

Hannah is walking through a wooded path when a strange man grabs her from behind. The startled woman calms down when the stranger seemingly means no harm. He begins to warn her about a recent string of abductions in these woods – girls who are reportedly being hypnotized and lead out of the area entranced, only to be returned with no memory of who the abductor was. It soon becomes apparent to Hannah that she is about to become the next hypnotized victim. She is shown a pocket watch, and put into a hypnotic trance. The hypnotized woman is mindless and compliant, and eventually lead into the man’s vehicle where he transports her to another location. After she serves her master sexually, Hannah is knocked out with chloroform several times, in between which, her sleeping, nude body is limp and manipulated by her abductor. After the ordeal, Hannah is returned to the park fully dressed and very confused.

Hypnotized by a swinging pocket watch
Addresses her captor as “master”
Made to sleepwalk through the wooded path repeating her mantras
Sits entranced on a park bench while rubbing her bare breasts and repeating her mantras
Lead into the man’s vehicle where she continues to play with her bare breasts while her master transports her to a different location
Strips nude at her master’s command in the backseat of his van
Continues touching herself while mindless and nude
Snapped out of her trance to get her reaction
Again hypnotized by a swinging pocket watch
Made to lick her own breasts
Simulated HJ scene (no real sex, no male nudity)
Knocked out with chloroform 4 separate time
Each time she is knocked out, Hannah’s limp body is admired and manipulated
Simulated scene – camera on top ( no real sex, no male nudity)
Returned to the park fully dressed and very confused
Full nude

Categories: Mesmerize, Limp Fetish, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Full nude, Simulated Scene, trance, Hypnotized, sleepwalk

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:30:17
Size: 1154 Mb

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