GlazzedStudios Carmela Clutch - Naughty Aunt Takes My Virginity Full Video HD 720p 6

GlazzedStudios Carmela Clutch - Naughty Aunt Takes My Virginity Full Video HD 720p 7

My aunt came to visit us and when she walked in the first thing I saw was her huge boobs spilling out of her top I almost got an instant hard on. I am getting ready to head off to collage in a few weeks and I’m still a virgin because my prom date got sick so all I think about is sex so when I saw my aunt my mind went to very naughty places.

My aunt said she wanted to just relax since my mom wasn’t home so she decided to lay out by the pool. I was fixing some food when my aunt walked out of moms room in a red tiny bikini I mean it was not covering much at all my cock instantly got hard. She asked where were the towels I asked her where was her bathing suit she laughed at me and told me that this was her family and friends bikini . I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she walk outside to lay out and the throbbing in my pants was getting worse. A few hours later Mom called and told me that she was working late so me and my aunt would have to figure out dinner so I went outside to talk to my aunt about dinner that’s when I saw her nipple had slipped out of her top I could feel my cock growing again so I had to make this conversation quick before she saw. She told me she wasn’t hungry right now but she would come get me when she was so I rushed inside as my cock got harder. When I got inside I couldn’t take it anymore so I grabbed the lube dropped my pants and started to stroke my cock to release some stress so I wasn’t a walking hard on around my aunt. I was stroking my cock and thinking about my sexy aunt it was feeling really good so good I didn’t hear her walk in my room I tried to hide what I was doing but she had seen exactly what was happening. She was not upset actually she was the total opposite I think she even liked watching me and when she found out I was doing it because of her she walked over to me and told me to keep doing it she wanted to watch me since she was the reason I was doing it in the first place.

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