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Sister Blackmails Brother into Taking Her Virginity

Finally…I had a way in! All my friends were always talking about sex, and I was still a virgin. Even my brother, Alrik, was banging chicks left and right while I sat there clueless on how any of it worked. I thought for sure I’d never get laid until I caught a glimpse of what my brother did on our trip.

We were on a family vacation – Mom, Dad, my brother, and me – when I saw Alrik sneak a girl into our hotel room. He knew our parents wouldn’t know he did it because they were down at the beach where they thought he was too. I didn’t have to see the rest. My brother was gorgeous – blue eyes, blond hair, tall, and a muscular body. Any girl that was coming into that hotel room was fucked…literally.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he told me when I confronted him alone. “You’re seeing things.” I don’t know why he was trying to deny it – I saw him. Maybe he thought I was going to tell on him, but that was far from the plan.

You see, it wasn’t fair. Alrik was always getting laid, and I hadn’t even had sex once. Now it was my turn – I was going to make my brother teach me how to…you know, do it. “Okay, listen – I am a virgin, and I’ve never fucked a guy,” I confessed. “I actually don’t want to be a virgin, and I know you know how to fuck because you brought a girl in here, so you’re going to teach me how.”

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” he snapped back. “There’s google – you can’t just watch porn? There’s tons of information out there. I’m your brother, I’m not going to teach you how to fuck.” He rambled on and on about how awkward and weird it was, and I guess it was, but I was going to get laid whether he wanted to do it or not. And you know why? Because I was going to tell Mom and Dad about the little skank he brought into the hotel room if he didn’t cooperate.

“You’re going to fuck me,” I said pinning him down on the bed. “So, here – get yourself hard or whatever,” I took his hands and placed them on my tits. “No, you’re my sister, I can’t,” he said whipping his hands back. But after some “inspiration” (blackmail), he was a little more easy-going. “If you wanna do this right, you gotta learn how to play with a dick…suck a dick,” he told me.

“And so I sorta go up and down on it like that?” I asked with my brother’s limp dick in my hand. Now Alrik was reluctantly guiding me on how to get a dick hard, and I think maybe even enjoying it. I heard a “Fuck yes, suck my dick, sis,” that took me off-guard. I pulled up with wide eyes, “What?” Of course he denied experiencing any sort of pleasure. “I didn’t say that,” he said quickly. “This is purely educational…I’m not enjoying it. I’m just doing this to teach you, alright?”

Right. First he was bitching about how awkward it was and now he had a throbbing erection. If he thought this was weird, he was in for a real treat. I wasn’t going to just suck his dick for experience points – I wanted the whole thing…everything, and who better to teach me how to than my own brother who had done it a million times before? Sure he’d feel a little uncomfortable, but I’m sure telling Mom and Dad what he did might feel worse. The only problem was that I didn’t think things would get so crazy…especially for my first time.

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