Heroine Power – DANI ARCADIA – Victory Woman Red Showdown HD 720p

Heroine Power - DANI ARCADIA - Victory Woman Red Showdown HD 720p

Clip includes Super Villain, Electric Net Peril, Face Punches, Bear Hugs, Breast Groping, Crotch Groping, Tight Destruction, Hitachi Magic Wand, Orgasm

Dani Arcadia stars as the super heroine Victory Woman in a story ripped out of today’s headlines. The enemy plans to interfere with the upcoming American presidential election and Victory Woman is determined to stop them. She races off to confront the enemy who is unimpressed with the super heroine and challenges her to a contest of strength. Victory Woman shows the villain that her power is much greater and demands that he surrender; however, the enemy has other plans and uses his remote control to lower an electrified net on the unsuspecting super heroine. He immediately takes advantage of the weakened Victory Woman and removes her belt of power. Victory Woman refuses to back down and continues to fight but falls to the powerful face punches, kicks, and bear hugs from the stronger super villain. Finally, the enemy moves to bring the symbol of democracy total humiliation by removing her costume to groping her large breasts and rub on her pussy before using an hitachi magic wand to bring her to an orgasm. What perils lie ahead, find out?

Size:378 Mb


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