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So there I was sitting at home the other afternoon bored out of my gord. It was just me and my, Eliza, all alone at our house in the woods. Her step-mom was in town getting us supplies and Eliza was in the basement watching Soaps. I thought I heard a some strange noises coming from downstairs, so I decided to take a closer look and make sure Eliza was okay. I guess she had dozed off while watching a horror flick and it was just the Telly causing all the racket. Eliza looked so freaking sexy laying in her pajama outfit and for some odd reason I got a stiffy. I probably should have just left her alone and walked back upstairs, but I couldn’t help my self and I decided to be al little naughty. I proceeded to Fondle my baby girl and rub on her body. I liked it so much I decided to go for it and I slide my hand on top of Eliza’s pussy and I started to rub it on the outside of her PJ’s. Her little vagina got moist real quick and I guess it excited her. Cause next thing you know Eliza busted me red-handed. At first she was a little confused and upset at me, but once I told her how beautiful and sexy I thought she was, her tune changed completely. In fact she went on to admit that she had watched me and her step-mother have sex several times in the past while she touched herself and masturbated. That was all I needed to hear and I tried to have sex with her right then and there. However, Eliza told me she was a still a virgin and wanted to wait until she met the right guy. I was naturally upset at first that she didn’t want me to take her virginity, but she did however agree to play with herself in front of me. We both proceeded to touch ourselves while we both watched each other masturbate. It was so hot that I only lasted a few minutes before I shot my load all over the basement floor. I just really hope she changes her mind and lets me be the first one to fuck her, wouldn’t that be sweet. Fingers Crossed!

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