Isabella Nice, Tommy Pistol - Don't Tell Mom

Isabella Nice has just had her 19th birthday, and she’s determined to get away from her stepdad (Tommy Pistol). When she doesn’t come home that night, he’s understandably upset.

Sitting down at the kitchen table to discuss this, she boldly announces: “I’m leaving”. Stepdaddy forbids it, and points out how she has no money or job to support herself on her own. But she’s adamant. However, there’s something else afoot here -Tommy gives his stepdaughter a big kiss and tries to dissuade her, pleading: “I love you baby. What am I gonna do on those cold, lonely mornings when your mother’s away at work?”. Several French kisses later she pulls away from him, declaring: “I can’t do this anymore!”. Tommy is undeterred, pulling her back to him and murmuring: “Daddy just wants to make you feel good”. Molly is determined, insisting that he hand over her car keys so she can split.

He points out that it was she who seduced him in the first place, and threatens to tell her mom. She’s unbending, so he finally gives in and hands her the car keys. Molly heads out of the kitchen, but at the last moment, turns and runs back to daddy’s arms. He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.

Passion takes over, and Tommy places her on the bed, removing her jeans, and fondling her pussy, then fingers it to bring her to orgasm. Things are just beginning to heat up as he goes down on her. Molly eagerly sucks his cock and licks his balls, making it clear they’ve become accustomed to this action. Watch the taboo scene unfold, leading to a bittersweet ending…

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